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Yesterday, we received a post on my Facebook page from a woman who was obviously very angry and possibly mentally ill. She ranted on and on about how Fibromyalgia does not exist, how it is only a way for the “so called” fibro sufferers” to collect money from the government so they can sit at home all day and watch TV, courtesy of our tax dollars. I truly believe that this is an example of misguided anger.

As you can imagine, she upset quite a few people.

This got me thinking last night and though I was going to write on another topic, I, instead, chose anger. Here is the reason why and this applies not only to people with Fibromyalgia, but to all people in general.

Remember that I am speak from the perspective of the U.S.A, but I suspect that this is much more wide spread.

We live in a very skeptical and angry world. We constantly feel lied to us by our politicians, by the media and in addition, we live in a constant state of fear. Fear of cancer and other illnesses, fear of terrorist attacks, fear of all the info we receive daily about our food we eat, our air we breath and even our diet. We tend to escape, at least for a couple of hours by watching mindless television programs mostly consisting of these reality programs.

Here in the states we are watching our economy crumble, watching the level of our education and schools constantly decrease and in fact we see food lines growing bigger and bigger, something not seen since the great depression of 1929. Yet, we spend billions per day on outside wars, on supplying money to other countries (not loans, but free money) and the entire situation becomes very confusing.

The industrial crooks steal hundreds of millions from our retirement account, get caught, pay a tiny percentage back and spend a couple of years in a “country club” prison. Is it no wonder there is so much anger around us?

Yet anger is poison, it not only makes us feel anxious, but it interferes with our health, it decreases the efficiency of our immune system and makes our lives miserable.

I’m 58 years old and have been around long enough to see that no matter which president is in power, democrats or republicans, not much has changed. Our fears might be directed in other ways, for example, the cold war, but now that this is passed, it’s now terrorism. It’s no wonder there is so much anger. When I listen to politicians speak, I could swear that I’m watching “theater”. What they say changes from day to day, depending on who they are talking to.

When it comes to the global scene, I suspect there is not much we can do, however on the more local and personal level there is.

1 If possible, try to eliminate the negative, non-affirmative angry people from your lives, you don’t need that type of stimuli. Try to surround yourself with uplifting, positive people.

2 Stay away from those people who are always taking and taking, they sap your energy and contribute nothing positive to your state of mind and health. This includes those people who constantly talk about themselves and appear to really have no interest in you. They are selfish and egocentric. Be with people who are interested in what you say, who tend to look at things from a positive perspective and who are will to be optimistic and make you feel better. We all know these types.

3 Minimize your intake of watching the news, most news is sensational, not a means to report current events. The media is owned by a handful of huge conglomerates and they know that sensationalism is what sells. the days of Walter Cronkite are unfortunately gone.

4 Try to not harp on the negative, this will become easier as you wean yourselves away from the above mentioned situations and people.

One of my patients had mentioned to me that she met a man who became so angry, he went postal. I had never really heard that expression and it did not exist 20 years ago. It now means a person who gets so angry that their behavior becomes erratic and dangerous. The term “postal” is a reference to a few years back when angry people were going into post offices and shooting people for no apparent reason.

These might sound pretty self-evident, but these are decisions I have made 25 years ago. Of course I have my moments of anger, but all in all I’ve found my life to become much more enjoyable and less stressful. There might be a huge amount of angry people out there, but I guarantee that there are also caring, uplifting and plain nice people with good hearts. It might take a bit of effort to find them, but once you do, you’ll be so happy you did.

Dr. Gene Martin

Fibromyalgia Relief Center of the Bay Area

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