My Father – A Hero


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My Father

My father died on Christmas evening 2010 at 11:00PM. He was 88 years old. He had suffered with congestive heart failure and knew that he had two or three years left to live, though he was getting weaker by the day, yet never complained.

For those who are familiar with CHF, you’ll know that at times the fluids back up into the lungs creating a feeling of drowning and this certainly would happen. He would cough and panic, but would ultimately get through it.

Yet during this entire ordeal, he never complained; in fact he was always more interested in my mother, my sister, myself and the grandchildren. These were his priorities.

My father was a true hero, he saw horrible action during the Second World War, yet never spoke of it. He was awarded various medals however we knew nothing of this until we were going through his belongings after his death. He never once mentioned them.

I was the last one to have a talk with my father while he was still lucent. He explained that he knew what was happening and he wasn’t scared. He told me that he loved me, the last words he ever said to me.

My father’s greatest trait was that he had a good and caring heart. To me, this is the most important trait a person can possess.

His death was gentle and painless as he was asleep for his last 2 days under the influence of Morphine, which we administered at home. He wanted to pass away at home surrounded by his family and even the family dog. This is what happened.

We all desperately miss his warmth and his generosity, he truly was the type (stereotypical as hit might sound) to give a less fortunate person, the shirt off his back. He really cared about his fellow man. Yes, he was a hero.

Fibromyalgia sufferers are also heroes, they never complain to friends and loved ones. Of course they get angry at times of how they are treated by their doctors and the public who are so ignorant of this illness. When it comes to family, friends and loved ones, people with fibromyalgia are more concerned with not burdening others with the private hell that they go through on a day to day basis.

On the outset, this might appear good, but I believe that people with Fibromyalgia need to be more vocal, perhaps not angry and not complaining, but more vocal. After all, how are the public and doctors ever going to understand what living with fibro is all about?

I’m very excited about a book that will be published in the next weeks, chronicling Fibromyalgia from the patient’s point of view. My hope is that this will help spread the word. In fact, while this book is being ready for publication, another book (a sequel) is in the works and we hope to have this out by December.

Most people I’ve met and/or treated with fibro had good hearts but were always confused as to why nobody understood their illness. Well, we are changing that, step by step.

There are many true heroes in the world; Michael J Fox comes to mind. I don’t personally know him nor does he know me; however as a leading man and successful actor he was struck down in his prime with Parkinson’s disease. Yet he never complained. He struggles from day to day and does what he can to educate the public about Parkinson’s.

There are many like Michael. I equate my father and all those suffering with fibro with Michael.

I miss my father at times I hear his voice very clearly, guiding me. He truly was a hero. So are all those suffering with Fibromyalgia.

 Dr. Gene Martin

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2 thoughts on “My Father – A Hero

  1. dear dr. martin, i’m sorry for your loss. i understand that ,as i too have lost both my parents to different types of cancer.
    i deeply want to say thank you for all you are and for all you do!. i have learned more about this illness from you than from any one else..
    may god watch over you !!!
    helen kelly

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