Why do People Prey on the Sick?


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Why do People Prey on the Sick?

I suppose since the beginning of time, there have been people who are ill and there have been people who prey on the ill. Think of the old wagons rolling through rural America hundreds of years ago, selling their cures for everything that might ail you.  It appears that most of the time the “so called cures” were nothing but water or alcohol.  I’d like to think that things have changed in the year 2012, but the reality is that this still exists to the same extent and perhaps even to a greater extent. The FDA cannot or will not stop these perpetrators.

With the onset of the internet, we see constant advertisements for this cure or that cure, for this way to stop an illness or that way to stop an illness and the sad fact is that most of these ads are just schemes to make money. They go after people who are desperate. Too many times, the medical establishment has failed us by not providing these cures, but the reality is that they do the best they can and the majority of illnesses have no cures. Most doctors attempt to ameliorate the symptoms.

If you stop for a second and think of all the illnesses you know, you’ll see that very few cures exist. The body is a complicated piece of machinery and there is much more that we don’t know than we do know.

People with fibromyalgia are especially prone to these hucksters as people with fibro are pretty desperate because it does take such a toll on their lives and families. I’ve actually seen ads and web pages advertising new techniques that can be a solution for Fibro, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Stroke Victims, Parkinson’s disease and 5 or 6 other neurological illnesses. If you took high school biology, it’s easy to see through these ads as the mechanisms of these illnesses are so totally different that it is impossible to have a magic bullet that cures or helps all of these illnesses.

I’ve also been a victim of these unscrupulous hucksters. It is not new news that I run a very successful fibromyalgia center. However, I’ve had companies design web sites, using my name and address pretending to be me. Their goal is to intercept calls which are meant for my office and then try to sell these peoples name to me for very expensive prices. This is a case where these people are not going after the ill patients, but trying to extort from the doctors, and these types of scams are not limited to doctors. They target dentists, accountants and every other type of professional. The internet makes it easy, and there is not a lot we can do to stop it.

The company that targets me uses a toll free phone number and therefore can be distinguished from my office in that I do not. My phone number is and always has been 650-558-1010.

Another way that others prey on the ill is by some of the tactics used by large pharmaceutical companies. Almost every week we read of a pharmaceutical company sued by the federal government for misleading advertising or for selling medications which do not do what they are said to do. Preying on the ill has become a big business.

Getting back to the title, why do people prey on the ill, the truth is that I do not have a good explanation. I suppose it is mostly greed, lack of conscience, not caring about fellow man/woman and who knows what else?

The definition of a sociopath is person, having a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Has it come to a point where we are living in a society which is becoming more and more sociopathic? I don’t know, but it sure appears to be the case.

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2 thoughts on “Why do People Prey on the Sick?

  1. I agree that there are a great number of scams out there. However there are developments out there that most Doctors are not even aware of yet. For example Coenzyme Q10 was not placed in medical books until 21 years after Peter Mitchell proposed the electron transport chain (which includes the vital protonmotive role of CoQ10) and he received a Nobel prize for the same in 1978. Most people who take supplements now are aware of its importance and take a Q10 supplement.

    Discovery and history
    Coenzyme Q10 was first discovered by Professor Fredrick L. Crane and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Enzyme Institute in 1957.[6][7] In 1958, its chemical structure was reported by Dr. Karl Folkers and coworkers at Merck; in 1968, Folkers became a Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Texas at Austin.[7][8] In 1961 Peter Mitchell proposed the electron transport chain (which includes the vital protonmotive role of CoQ10) and he received a Nobel prize for the same in 1978. In 1972, Gian Paolo Littarru and Karl Folkers separately demonstrated a deficiency of CoQ10 in human heart disease. The 1980s witnessed a steep rise in the number of clinical trials due to the availability of large quantities of pure CoQ10 and methods to measure plasma and blood CoQ10 concentrations. The antioxidant role of the molecule as a free radical scavenger was widely studied by Lars Ernster. Numerous scientists around the globe started studies on this molecule since then in relation to various diseases including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

    Another supplement most people are not yet aware of is a glutathione accelerator that naturally and safely raises your glutathione levels by up to 300% in 60 days. There only about 40,000 papers written about vitamin c on pubmed. There are over 90,000 research papers listed on pubmed about glutathione. If you ask most Doctors about glutathione they either have never heard of it or don’t know much about it because there was never a way to increase its levels in your body.

    My sincere question to anyone who is reading this is. How do you tell people who are sick about a product that has worked for you and a large number of people around the world without being called a huckster, a scam artist, a liar or a number of things that are not appropriate to list here? Most people think that you are just trying to take advantage of them and take there money. I want to share the stories of what it has done for others but people are so jaded and inundated with advertising that they automatically call it a scam without even checking out the science. I really want to help but I don’t know how. Please help.

  2. The caveman preyed on the weaker/sickly because they were a burden on their survival. Animals weed out the sick and weak, they become food for the stronger heathier beasts. I suppose, in a way, we are doing the same nowadays. Turning from humans to being beasts that prey on the sick/infirm because we are a “drain on society” Sad truthfully.

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