What about a Health Care Revolution?

I’ve always had a personal interest in history, both ancient and modern.  In fact, when you read about the daily lives of the  Egyptians five thousand years ago, or the Romans, 2500 years ago, you really begin to see that their lives were not that much different than ours.  The average person, worked, wanted their families and friends close by, had outside amusements such as plays and music and even had their days off for holidays.

The rise of the first cities (some call them city states), occurred as a result of the first historical revolution, that being the Agricultural revolution. Prior to this, nomadic small tribes of people roamed their particular areas and their main day to day goals were to finds foods to eat and places to be safe from danger.  The discovery of agriculture changed all that. Now these people were able to produce and store enough food that not everybody had to be involved in hunting and gathering. People could not learn architecture, mathematics and other arts and sciences, build larger cities, develop religion and create the first large nations. This occurred approximately ten thousand years ago.

It took about 9600 years for the next revolution to occur, the Industrial revolution. This propelled us into the world of the 18th through the 20th century.  With this came machines, planes, household conveniences and overall a better quality of life. More and more people had more free time to devote to the arts and sciences which continued the process.

We are in the midst of the next revolution, the technological or computer revolution, which only took 300 years to occur.  In our lives, we’ve seen such incredible new technologies, that something new today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Do your children know what a typewriter is, a record album; was there ever a time before computers or cell phones?

With the increasing pace of knowledge and technology, we cannot imagine what the next revolution might be, after all, 40 years ago, who would have dreamt of an internet, of being able to have information at the touch of a button. When I went to college, I spent much time in the libraries, today this is no longer necessary as students can get any info or research studies right off the computer.

We’ve come very far, very fast and the pace shows no sign of slowing down, but with this modern world came a very dear price and we’re all paying it: The decline in our general health.

Of course we read about all the so called great advances in modern medicine occurring weekly, but let’s really take a closer look.

  • Cancer deaths are increasing, not decreasing.
  • A large percentage of the population is not only overweight, but obese. In fact a new term had to be coined: morbidly obese, for those who are at least 100 pounds overweight.
  • Children are developing adult onset diabetes at an alarming rate.
  • It is being recommended that children start taking cholesterol lowering drugs at the age of 12.
  • More seniors are developing Alzheimer’s disease, some that was relatively rare 50 YEARS AGO.
  • A large percentage of the American population cannot afford decent health care.
  • Drug use, both legal and illegal has dramatically risen over the years.
  • Depression has dramatically risen among people of all ages.

Well, I think you get the idea.

If you think about it, our American health care system is really a “sick care system”.  In fact, it has been estimated by various studies that a large part of today’s illnesses are “lifestyle related”. Some estimate it to be as high as 90%, though this can be debated.

So, when are we going to smarten up and start seriously looking at our health? Yes, I realize that people might be living longer now, but the excuse that this is the cause of all the new illnesses is just that, an excuse. We really are not living that much longer than we did 50 years ago.

So I ask you; don’t you think it’s time for a Health Care Revolution?

Dr. Gene Martin, D.C.

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3 thoughts on “What about a Health Care Revolution?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! It appears that the “Health Care System” needs to be re-named “Sick Care System”. Its all about illness management, not prevention. People are eating themselves into illness, or worse, the grave. I had CFS for nearly 8 years, have been symptom free for 5 years due to what I believe is proper nutrition (a Paleo-type diet and sea vegetables, among other things). However, while I was sick, not one doctor ever mentioned my diet. They just wanted more tests. So incredibly frustrating! Thank you for putting your voice “out there” and saying it like it is! So refreshing.

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