Fibromyalgia Questions Part 4

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Fibromyalgia Questions and Answers Part 4

18 Why are you so concerned with Fibromyalgia, after all, you don’t suffer with it.

I’ve been licensed to practice since 1986. For much of that time, I’ve traveled to different parts of the world on “Health Missions” where we helped and educated the needy and indigent. The amount of suffering I personally witnessed was indescribable. The satisfaction I received in helping these people were also indescribable, like a drug and very addicting. Simply, I was hooked. Back in the states, one of the few illnesses I saw which equaled the suffering was Fibromyalgia. As I researched and learned more about this illness, I was appalled not only at the lack of knowledge, but at the misinformation circulating not only among people, the media and the internet, but also among doctors. I therefore made it my mission to help people with Fibromyalgia. I am able to dramatically help patients in my office, the majority of times helping these people become and stay “Fibro Free” However, I also realize, that I’m one doc and there are millions, probably tens of millions all over the world suffering from this insidious and devastating illness. As I realize that I’ll never meet the majority of these people in person, I’ve spent time trying to devise ways of providing information to help these people in any way I can. I also want to draw the public’s awareness as well as the medical establishment’s awareness to Fibromyalgia. I consistently post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I write a blog three days a week, I’ve created free videos which are filled with tips and facts to help people lessen their symptoms and to educate themselves and their loved ones as to what fibro really is. I’ve run supported groups, I’ve given a number of public talks (I’ve lost track of the exact number) and the latest project is compiling this book of the stories of fibromyalgia sufferers… As you can see, I might not have Fibromyalgia, but my life is certainly wrapped around treatment and education of this monster. Lastly I do see patients in the mornings and spend the afternoons doing house calls for those who are bedridden.

19 Is there anything I can do on my own to make my Fibromyalgia go away?

It is very rare that Fibromyalgia goes away on its own; however there is plenty you can do to at least lessen your symptoms. I’ve discussed this in my blogs at length (, but to summarize, cleanup your diet, meaning get all the chemicals and preservatives out of your foods and water. Eat a natural and if at all possible organic diet. Try to eat produce that is in season, thus if you live in the eastern part of the country, don’t expect to eat such summer fruit as peaches and apricots in January. Be very vigilant of the cosmetics, lotions and creams you use on your body, the additives are very scary, some are carcinogenic and they put extra stress on the body. Bottled water in plastic and food in cans has been shown to be unhealthy as the chemicals tend to leach into the foods and water which you ingest. Practice meditation, relaxation exercises or anything that can help to lower your stress. The list goes on and on but I believe that you get the point.

20 You mentioned about diet changes, isn’t his very difficult in our modern world.

Absolutely true, it takes awareness, education and vigilance. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t understand an ingredient in a food, you probably should not be eating it. The best approach is to start very slowly, start learning about foods and the food industry (the internet is once source and there are plenty of books on the subject). Stop thinking in terms of how buying real organic foods are too expensive. The fact is that in the long run, they’re much cheaper as you tend to eat less and feel satisfied. Remember, the reason for eating is to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. (Of course I realize that eating is also pleasurable), however learning to cook in a healthy manner and eating healthy foods can also be very pleasurable. You’d be amazed at the recipes out there that are every bit as delicious as that steak and potatoes or fast food. Speaking of fast food, this is a NO, you must eliminate all fast food from your diet, and that goes for junk food also. By definition, foods that are processed have to cost more money as processing these foods actually raise food prices. I’ve never quite understood why so many foods are processed which in so many cases depletes them of the vitamins and minerals we need, and then after processing, the vitamins and minerals are re-added. Again, the key is to go one step at a time and slowly change your eating habits. Ultimately, the urges for junk food will disappear, and you will feel better. Lastly, back to food costs for a second, the most important thing you have is your health, and when it’s gone, it’s very difficult to regain it. If changing your diet entails some extra cost, don’t you think it’s worth the price?

21 I’m on various medications for my Fibromyalgia, yet I don’t believe an occasional beer or a glass of wine can hurt me, In fact, I find that it relaxes me. Is this okay?

No No No, alcohol and medications never mix. Alcohol is a drug; it is a depressant that acts upon the brain in numerous ways. Isn’t your illness affecting your brain enough? Alcohol and medications very often will interact with each other, magnifying the effects of both and sometimes causing other reactions, which can not only be harmful and make your fibro worse, but can also, be downright dangerous and sometimes fatal. Is it worth the risk? One problem that many with and without Fibromyalgia come across is that person at the family get-together or the friend who insists that you just have one little drink, after all one little drink cannot hurt you. This is the worst kind of inconsiderateness and selfish behavior. This person obviously doesn’t care about you, though he/she might say they do. The best action is to very politely decline and excuse yourself. You owe no explanations. If this person will not leave you alone and keeps insisting, this can be construed as abuse, even harassment, again politely walk away and if necessary, tell the host. Don’t concern yourself what this person thinks as he or she obviously doesn’t really care about you. This question is so important that I’ll repeat it one more time. Alcohol and medication do not nor do they ever mix. By the way, this also goes for over the counter medications.

22 I’m on a host of different medications under the care of my doctor. This is safe isn’t it?

Well this certainly is safer than if you were taking medications without supervision. I’m not saying that medications are bad after all, before insulin was synthesized, all diabetics died). However the point is that any medication, any preservative in your foods, any chemical you ingest has to be detoxified by the liver before the body can utilize it. Think of the alcoholic and cirrhosis of the liver. This is the liver wearing itself out from overuse. The same goes for medications. You always need to weigh the risks versus the benefits. Just remember that there are no free rides, every non nutrient that you put into your body bruises something. This is a metaphor for every medication has some type of side effect. It is imperative that you keep a list of all the medications you are taking, give your spouse and one to a close friend. Write down the name of the medication, the dosage, the doctor’s name and the strength. Keep a copy in your bag at all times. The next time you see your doctor, take out the list and carefully go through each medication. This is to make sure that you are not double or triple dosing. Many doctors are so busy that they at times don’t realize that a certain medication they prescribed might have been prescribed by another doctor, but under a different generic or trade name. An example would be if you were taking Prozac and your doctor wanted to prescribe Cymbalta. The Prozac might have been prescribed by a psychiatrist or even another specialist. In essence, Cymbalta contains the same medication as Prozac plus another type of anti depressive med. Mistakes do happen, more often than we like to believe, so be aware and be careful. Inadvertent double and triple dosing can be deadly. Last word on meds, a reminder, if you’re on any fibro meds, it is essential; to have your blood and urine checked every three months at the minimum. If your doc says that is not necessary, insist on it Make a scene if necessary, fibro meds do affect the liver and the kidneys.

Dr. Gene Martin, D.C.

Fibromyalgia Relief Center of the Bay Area

520 S El Camino Real, Ste 520

San Mateo, Ca. 94402





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