Fibromyalgia symptoms 101 Part 4

I’d like to continue with the description and explanation of Fibromyalgia Symptoms. Remember, that Fibro causes an entire universe of symptoms, but all can be traced back to an over-active nervous system.

10 Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. This is usually that pain in the wrist which can extend into the fingers or up the arm. It can become extremely painful just to move the fingers or wrist. It can also manifest as numbness in the hands and fingers. Many times, you’ll try meds, physical therapy and ultimately surgery. Sometimes the symptoms will than disappear, only to return months later. Other times the surgery fails. Occasionally the symptoms permanently disappears.

So what is going on? Though Carpel tunnel syndrome may at times be caused by a membrane in the wrist putting pressure on the median nerve (which runs from the neck, down to the hand and is part of the Brachial plexus (technical name for the bunch of nerves leaving the neck). However many times, this is putting the horse before the cart. As I had said, the median nerve originates in the lower neck. As we age, we develop degeneration in our vertebra and discs. Note that this is a sign of aging (usually due to repeated traumas small or large, auto accidents etc). The great majority of us have this as we age, however many times we are told that we have arthritis in the neck. Just the word arthritis can be so scary, but arthritis really means:  arthra = joint and itis = inflammation. Thus inflamed joint.  Signs of degeneration are decreased disc spaces and spurs which can put pressure on the nerve which runs down the arm, causing Carpel Tunnel Symptoms. One of the rules of Fibromyalgia is that any normal ache or pain you might have is intensified  dramatically due to the over-active nervous system, thus the sharp wrist and finger pain.

11 Horribly painful feet. this is seen quite commonly with people who have Fibromyalgia. walking feels like you’re stepping on shards of glass.In fact walking can become totally unbearable. You try wearing sandals, changing your gait, but the pain remains. You might have seen your Ortho or Podiatrist who diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis. You might have been given injections of cortisone in the feet (very painful) or given orthotics to wear in your shoes. Nothing helps. The reality is that this is another symptom of Fibromyalgia.

It should be noted that besides this horrendous pain, you might also have iching that does not go away. You constant pull you feet against the sheets in the bed, or you scratch, but it seems to make the problem worse. Lastly, you might experience burning in the feet or feet which are ice cold.

Why the foot pain? Remember that the mechanism of Fibromyalgia is an a nervous system that is continuously on overdrive. In this case the pain nerves which fun from the low back and travel down to the feet are constantly firing, thus causing the extreme pain. In the case of burning and or itching, the sensation parts of the nerves are involved thus leading to these symptoms.

I’ve had patients actually tell me that they’ve worn out bed sheets by constantly rubbing their feet against the sheets.

12 Jaw Pain: One of the things I hear quite often is: “I have TMJ”. First to clarify, we all have two TMJ joints (tempero-mandibular joints). Interestingly, they are the only joints, besides the vertebral joints, which have discs. They are the “jaw” joints It is common to hear people speak about pain in these joints, from mild to pretty severe. Chewing food can become a nightmare and just talking becomes very difficult. You might have seen the dentist, tried wearing splints (quite annoying), but the pain still remains. The pain can also come and go, when you least expect it.

So why the Jaw Pain? A bit of simple anatomy, Muscles exist to move bones. Consequently muscles move the Jaw joints. As Fibromyalgia affects muscles, it stands to reason that the Jaw joints (TMJ) joints would sometimes also be affected, and this is the case. If you have pain in these joints, you might try rubbing an ice cube on the joint for 10 to 15 minutes and eat very soft food for a couple of days. sometimes this will help to minimize the pain. If you’re lucky, it will go away. Do be aware that it can and many times will return.

Next: More Fibromyalgia Symptoms (the list goes on and on!)

4 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia symptoms 101 Part 4

  1. I have the horribly painful feet one… what to do about this? It’s so miserable; it’s like having walked a thousand amusement parks until your feet were bloody stubs when you wake up in the morning. Sometimes I debate on whether or not I’d rather piss myself than get up and go to the bathroom. I can’t even stand STANDING in a shower anymore; I take baths. Miserable. 😦

  2. I wish I had a good answer for you. Unfortunately, it’s the nervous system on overdrive, specifically the nerves originating from the low back. some find relief soaking their feet in epson salts, others just warm or cool water. Some say calamine lotion helps. Arnica in tincture form has helped some and not others. Some have dissolved aspirin in water and soaked. Again, some it helped others no. You can try some of these things and ask on the facebook page (no more fibromyalga) and perhaps they might have some more suggestions. sorry I can’t be of more help.

  3. The painful feet really have impacted my life because I am a Certified Construction Health and Safety Representative and have to be in steel toe work boots when on site. It absolutely kills me to have to shove my feet in my boots. What is the most discouraging is simple exercise, like walking, is impossible most days, as the pain is just too excruciating.

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