Fibromyalgia Symptoms 101 Part 3

In the previous posts, I covered the 6 symptoms that almost everybody with Fibromyalgia has. However, there are probably another 50 or 60 symptoms that range from very very common to not so common. I’d like to start speaking about some of the more common Fibro symptoms and work my way to the lesser symptoms.

7 Skin Sensitivity: This is the feeling that any pressure on the skin can make you jump with pain. It can be something as subtle as your husband touching you lovingly or you accidentally banging your arm against a table. Many people will also notice that they can’t wear tight clothes as just the pressure of the clothes on the skin is enough to start the pain. The pressure can even be as light as having long hair resting on your shoulders. In fact, many people with Fibro will cut their hair short to avoid this. Many will wear loose fitting clothes, sandals, even pajama like clothes to minimize the pressure on the skin.

Why the sensitivity? This relates back to the nervous system firing on overdrive, the cranial and spinal nerves which control  movement also skin sensation, pain, pressure, hot/cold feelings, itchiness etc. The sensory part of the nerve is constantly being affect and therefore you experience that sensitivity to the touch.

8 Sensitivity to the Sun. Ever go out on a sunny  day and the sun is just about blinding to you, it literally causes you pain in the head and you begin to feel sick. In fact, going outside with sunglasses is just not possible.

Why the sensitivity to the Sun?. Simply, your adrenal glands are weak, another sign of Fibromyalgia. The adrenal glands are two little triangular glands that sit right atop the kidneys. Generally, with fibro,  your adrenal glands are on overdrive and they produce as much adrenal as possible, than they must regenerate the adrenalin leading to weak glands. A sign of weak adrenals is hypersensitivity to bright light. If you check your pupils, which should open with less light and close with more light (like a cat), you’ll find them to be very sluggish, another sign of weak adrenals. Lastly there is a test called Ragland’s Test. This is where you take your blood pressure sitting down, than immediately take it standing up. The blood pressure should rise by 5 to 10 points because adrenalin should be produced making the heart beat faster to get blood to the muscles so you can stand up. When the heart beats faster, the Blood Pressure should rise. With weak adrenals and Fibro, there generally is not a change in the blood pressure, another sign. Sometimes the pressure will even drop 5 to 10 points.

9 Sensitivity to Sound, Taste and Smell. The sound of loud music, especially lower notes like a booming base drum can rattle your body and teeth. The sound can actually cause pain. In the past you might have loved garlic, the taste or the smell, but now it makes you nauseous. Same with other foods that are not as strong. It can work the other way also where certain foods just seem to have no taste and very possibly no smell.

Why the sensitivity to Sound, Taste and Smell? There are two reasons for this. One is that due to lack of sleep (you are sleep deprived), your senses will heighten. Secondly, again, the nervous system is on overdrive, which means that the cranial nerves which control smell, sound and taste are working much more intensively than they normally would, and you therefore experience these senses in a heightened degree. As all nerves work biochemically, when the nerves fatigue, you might experience a lessened sense also.

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