Why I am a Fibro Advocate!

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why I’m such an advocate for Fibro sufferers.

I’ve been practicing for almost 27 years and during that time, I’ve heard and seen horror story after horror story about Fibromyalgia. Yes, Fibromyalgia has been around for a long time, though it was given different names, the most common being Fibrocitis. The names might have changed over the years, but the symptoms have remained the same. The toll this illness has taken on people, their families, their loved ones and everybody in their circle has been enormous. The amount of money spent on pain meds, sleep meds, doctors visits etc etc is in the billions, yet people with Fibromyalgia are still stick

Medicine has yet to come up with effective therapy’s and all the drugs marketed for Fibro sufferers are really drugs that had been developed to treat other illnesses. The most common that you hear about all the time is Lyrica, which is really an anti-seizure medication. Cymbalta is an anti-depressive medication in the same universe as Prozac and Wellbutrin.

I’ve seen so much suffering that I finally decided that something has to be done and this is why I’ve become an advocate. I believe that the public has to be educated and aware as to what Fibromyalgia really is. Ask the average person and they haven’t a clue, or perhaps they’ll think that it’s that illness that causes pain. This is not good enough and just touches the surface.

I, therefore, spent much of my free time, speaking at seminars to the public about Fibromyalgia. I explain what is happening in the body, go over the many symptoms (probably 60 or more), give the public an idea of what research is really being done (too little) and lastly how Fibromyalgia has become a multi-billion dollar industry. (You just need to watch the television for 1/2 hour and chances are you’ll see an ad (many times more) for a Fibro medication.)

The sad part is that though some of these meds might be of some limited help, there is no med available that can stop this illness. Most are suffering, many horribly!

People and patients need to be educated, they can then start shouting louder at our law makers and start making noise. The louder we yell, the more we will be listened to and the more money will go into finding a solution for Fibro.

Next week: Fibro Symptoms 101

7 thoughts on “Why I am a Fibro Advocate!

  1. Hi, How did you get started doing lectures in your area about Fibro? I am looking to start up a campaign in my area about awareness and to educate those with Fibro as well as their families.

  2. I contacted all groups including support groups. Secondly I did talks at the libraries with a bit of advertising, but most was word of mouth, three I contacted schools and adult learning centers. In time the demand just grew larger and larger.

  3. Thank you. As a service member I feel especially isolated from my comrades and subordinates. I can no longer do the things that are required of a Marine. What’s worse is my only advocate is my psychiatrist and psychologist. I have not found one doctor in Naval Medicine that will treat me. All my symptoms have been treated as a separate symptom which sends me to several different specialty doctors and not one will treat all symptoms as one. I will try to retire in 10 months and will feel more stressed & overwhelmed with what that will entail.

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