People with Fibro are True Heroes!

I believe that people with Fibromyalgia are true heroes. This is why.

Being that I’m 57 years old, I grew up during the Viet Nam war era. There were always stories about POW’s who, as the war ended, were released and the chilling information about their ordeals were revealed. The similarities between the POW’s and Fibromyalgia sufferers are striking.

1 The POW’s were kept totally isolated, with no contact or communication with others. Fibromyalgia is a very isolating illness. As so many people cannot understand what you’re going through, you tend to feel isolated from friends, family and workers. Many with fibro never leave the house, some never leave their bed.

2 The POW’s were subjected to horrendous pain via torture. People with Fibromyalgia are also the victims of horrible pain which can be totally debilitating.

3 The POW’s never knew what would happen from day to day. Fibro sufferers also never know how their symptoms will play out from day to day. One day you might feel okay, go out and do some errands, the next day you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck

4 The POW’s were sleep deprived, the lights were on 24 hours a day, and if they fell asleep, they were immediately woken up. Fibro sufferers deal with insomnia and fatigue, sleeping can be impossible as they are up all night. during the day they are very fatigued, but can’t really sleep. Twisting, turning, getting out of bed, getting back into bed, trying to sleep can be a real nightmare!

5 The POW’s were experimented on with different type of drugs to destroy their resolve. People with fibro are going from one med to the next, always trying to find the combination that can give them some relief. Many don’t work and the side effects are horrendous, others work for a period of time and stop. It’s like the merry-go-round, one med to the next, always hoping to find the right combination that will yield some relief.

If Fibromyalgia does not totally destroy your life, it certainly dramatically disrupts it.  The fact is that unless you’ve lived in a fibro body, a non sufferer will never understand what living with Fibromyalgia is. The courage I find from the people I meet with Fibro is astounding. They push themselves, they keep looking for answers, they do their best to maintain a normal life and to be their for their families and friends. It’s frustrating and disheartening at times , yet they persevere.Fibro sufferers have tremendous resolve! People with Fibromyalgia really are true Heroes!

4 thoughts on “People with Fibro are True Heroes!

  1. Reading this part of your blog, I am in tears right now. I have been told before that I am a strong person being given all that I have been through, not just with Fibro, but surviving an abusive childhood, living with no family around me, surrounded by strangers. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this blog. The comparison to the vets is astonishing to me.

  2. I found your blog tonight while going through things on facebook. I have to say thank you. I have dealt with this illness for over 30 yrs. You have broken down so much information and made it so simple to understand that anyone who would read this would understand at least some of what we deal with on a day by day minute by minute life. THANK YOU for all that you do to get the awareness out there. I am going to share this with my family. My children know that I am ill and have dealt with it for many years with mom. This will maybe make them understand that I don’t want to be the way I am. I am doing everything that I possibly can to be me, but Im not the same and there is a logical explanation if they will read and try to understand. 🙂 You now have another avid reader of your blog and hopefully I can bring to you several more people in my life. Tears of relief that someone in your field FINALLY validates that it is real, it does exist and we need more research toward medicines that will help and hopefully a cure. Claudia Groh

    • Thank you for the kind comments, please ask to be a friend on facebook at no more fibromyalgia, We are posting tons of info everyday, the people are warm and supportive and there is much going on there. we have almost 5000 people on the page!

      Dr. Gene

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