What Triggers Fibromyalgia Part 2

In some people there seems to be a genetic propensity for Fibromyalgia, not all people, just some. Please note that if you have Fibro, it does not mean that your children will get it. On the other hand if you have that genetic possibility, it still doesn’t not mean your child would get it, unless the child goes through a number of traumas and or stresses. Than he/she would be more likely than a child where the genes were not a factor.

I have seen identical twins in my office, both with Fibro except one girl started having symptoms at 9 years old and the other girl and 19 years old. There were long histories of physical traumas in both cases (falling off horses, contact sports, and some general teenage craziness).

I’ve also seen identical twins where one had Fibro pretty severely while the other had no sign of fibro at all.

One thing I hear again and again is that my adult Fibro patients told me that when they were children, they had pain in the legs and the doctors just dismissed it as growing pains. Thus if your child exhibits those symptoms, I would absolutely think Fibromyalgia and have him/her checked out. Hopefully it’s not Fibro!

Another trigger appears to be surgeries, when you are put to sleep under general anesthesia. I spoken to many many people who relayed that when they woke up they were either in severe pain and their fibro was flaring very badly, or they woke up with Fibro pain which they were experiencing for the first time. Than the rest of the symptoms started over the next days.

All general anesthesia implies a risk to life, though small, and a risk for flaring if you have fibro. If it can be avoided with a local, the better off you might be.

More Tomorrow in Part 3

2 thoughts on “What Triggers Fibromyalgia Part 2

  1. Very typical of someone with Fibromyalgia. You’d be amazed at how often I hear this in my office. Why don’t you submit this as a story for the book the people are doing, if you haven’t heard of it, I’ll post the notice for you, it will help many who are suffering.

    Dr. Gene Martin

    Would You like to write a book with me?

    We all know that one of the major problems with Fibromyalgia is:

    • Your friends, families, employers and even your Docs just have no clue as to what you are going through.
    • People can be demeaning, downright rude and misinterpret your actions, because they cannot see how ill you really are.

    Well, we are about to change that, here is my plan:

    We are going to write a book, yes I said WE!
    And to make it more fun, let’s have a contest.
    • The best story will win a new iPad 2!!!
    • Now that’s gotta make you feel better!
    I’m going to ask you to send me your best Fibro Story (s). The story(s) should be about a page long.

    The story can be about anything you like, for example:

    • Pain
    • Fog
    • Insomnia
    • Fatigue
    • How it has affected your life
    • How it has changed your life
    • Experiences with Doctors
    • The good, the bad, the ugly
    • Whatever you feel you’d like to write

    I will even post your photo on Facebook announcing your “winner status”.

    Now here’s the really good part:

    I will compile the stories into a book which I will have published. With your help and your stories, I’m sure WE can turn it into a best seller!

    Another really really good part!
    • We will get the Book into the hands of the public who will finally begin to understand what Fibromyalgia is and how it affects us!
    • The more the public knows; the more pressure on the medical establishment to find a solution!
    • This would help to end the doctors telling us that it is in our heads.
    • Finally this debilitating illness will be taken seriously.
    But I’m saving the best part for last!
    Any and all profits from the book will be placed in a non-profit organization to provide healthcare, meds, and doctor’s visits for those with no insurance or those who have no money. “It’s like becoming a published author, winning an iPad 2 and having a medical trust fund” all at once. Is this a great idea or what?”
    Some Guidelines:
    • Hurry, though because I can only take stories through July 15 so
    e-mail me your one page story(s) to fibro@drgenemartin.com or snail mail to me at:
    Dr. Gene Martin
    520 South El Camino Real
    Suite 520
    San Mateo, California 94402

    • We all know it’s better to laugh than to cry so please feel free to find the humor in your story.
    • Remember, the last day to get your story to me is by midnight July 15, 2011.
    • I will announce the winner on July 31, 2011.
    • Your Story (s) may be submitted in English or Spanish

    Let’s band together and make the public
    and doctors aware, once in for all, what
    Fibromyalgia is really about. The More noise
    we make, the more will be done to help get
    rid of this dreaded illness!

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