You are not losing your mind! The Fibro Fog

Imagine being in your 20’s or 30’s and all of a sudden finding that you can’t think very well. You become forgetful, lose things in the house, can’t concentrate even something as simple as doing the monthly bills which becomes an almost impossible chore. What thoughts go through your mind? I have some form of dementia, perhaps early onset Alzheimer’s or maybe some horrible neurological illness that will get worse, even ultimately kill me.

Well the fact is that you have none of the above, it’s just the “Fibro Fog” one of the most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The are many theories of why this occurs, but the one that makes the most sense to me, by far, is the increased level of adrenalin that is being produced and not used up by the body (a reason for the insomnia by the way). This adrenalin attaches to receptors in the brain (dopamine, serotonin etc) and slows down the thinking process. Thus the fog, but rest assured that this is not a permanent thing. As fibro symptoms come and go, so does the fog and there will be no permanent damage.

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