The Fibromyalgia Merry-Go Round

Have you been on the Fibromyalgia Merry-Go Round. This is when the symptoms of Fibro start showing. You see your primary Doc who does tests and sends you to the Orthopedist who does more tests who send you to the Physical Therapist or Chiropractor who does exercises who sends you back to the Orthopedist who shakes his head and believes you have an emotional/mental issue and send you to the Psychiatrist. Around and Around You go.

The other part of this Merry-GO-Round is being put on Neurontin, than Lyrica, than Cymbalta, than Savella, than Vicodin, Than Morphine, Than Amitriptyline, than Wellbutrin, than Oxycontin, around and around it goes.

When does it end?

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