Carol Wilkerson Posted This on her blog! Thank You!

Facebook’s No More Fibromyalgia Group Tells It Like It Is


A short time ago I joined the No More Fibromyalgia Group on Facebook and I have to say I’ve found more answers and explanations each day from the group than anything I’ve read or been told by a doctor in the years since my diagnosis. For instance: “Fibro Facts: People with fibro tend, many times, to be hypersensitive to smell, taste and other sensations. If this is the case with you, ask those around you not to wear perfume, or to keep the music soft and low. This is very very common.”

This is just one of the many difficulties I deal with on a daily basis. It’s like I’m ‘blessed’ with these superpowers that no one would really want. My husband just thinks I’m being ‘bitchy’ when I ask to have the TV turned down. When we ride in the car I have to put the air flow on recycle if we follow a stinky vehicle.

Here’s another one that they listed recently: “Fibro Tip: People with Fibro are often depressed. This is not because of the illness but because of the secretion of too much adrenalin leading to something called Adrenal Syndrome. Interference with receptors in the brain. Therefore mention Adrenal Syndrome to your Doc the next time he/she says you are depressed due to having Fibromyalgia. It’s chemically induced, not psychological.”

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